Who We Are

Founded in 16th July 2015 by Sk. Azizul Haque. It registered from the district level Social Welfare Office under the ministry of Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh Which will be acting as a voluntary organization. We stand by the helpless poor people who are left behind in the society and help them provide workplace financially, humanitarian, health and unemployed & try to help young children with finances and books for literacy.


Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd. acting as social development work under the district of Satkhira in Bangladesh which was registered from the district level Co-operative Office through the following of the laws of Samobai Shamiti under the ordinance of 2001. In the dated on July 16, 2015 Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd. further registered from the district level Social Welfare Office under the ministry of Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh which will be acting as a voluntary organization named “Janata Unnayan Shangstha” through the following 46 no. ordinance of 1961 based on the clause of 4(3) which registration no. Satkhira – 1229/2015. Following rules will be unquestionable as an employment rulebooks of Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd. In future this co-operative will be functionable as a voluntary based non-government organization.

  • 2016 – Moves its headquarters to a new building
  • 2014 – Porto creates its new brand
  • 2006 – Porto opens it doors in London
  • 2003 – Inauguration of the new office
  • 2001 – Porto goes into business


Establish societies specially unused / socially excluded society for disaster risk management, climate change, education, ICT, health, nutrition, safe living, human rights and good governance and gender equity.


An Economic and Social Development Volunteer Organization.

Goals and Objectives

  • 1 National Education, Literature and Cultural Recognition
  • 2 Comprehensive programs for the promotion of illiteracy
  • 3 Accept and implement family planning
  • 4 Massive expansion of vocational education
  • 5 Dedicated to the service of miserable humanity
  • 6 Stop the practice of dowry
  • 7 The Women and Children Repression Prevention
  • 8 Acceptance of tree plantation program
  • 9 To encourage the public about the National Health
  • 10 To establish social justice
  • 11 Provide technical education
  • 12 Repair the roads
  • 13 Encourage the public for developmental work
  • 14 Financial help for poor children
  • 15 Religious education to be introduced
  • 16 Accept all the programs announced by the government
  • 17 Provide a healthier closet
  • 18 Acceptance of Immunization Programs
  • 19 Establishing the library in remote areas
  • 20 Arrangements for different education funds

Future Work

  • 1 Introduction of mass education program.
  • 2 Accept and implement the economic Social Program.
  • 3 Implement of Poultry fishery and livestock.
  • 4 Forestry Program.
  • 4 Forestry Program.
  • 5 Building resistance to women.
  • 6 To introduce science and technical education.
  • 7 To establish social justice.
  • 8 Medical treatment.
  • 9 Prevention of trafficking of women and children.
  • 10 Work with disabled people.
  • 11 Financial support of the bridegroom guardian.
  • 12 Protect the environment balance.

Present Work

  • 1 Family planning and health care
  • 2 Acquisition of tree plantation program
  • 3 Acceptance of disabled and beggar rehabilitation programs
  • 3 To start adult education
  • 4 Acceptance of Child Welfare Overall Co-operation
  • 5 Smoking, tobacco and anti-drug awareness activities are conducted
  • 6 Various programs on sports and cultural affairs
  • 7 Pre-primary education project
  • 8 Conduct preventive awareness programs with all infectious vaccines including HIV AIDS and Hepatitis B virus
  • 9 Accept various welfare programs with the neglected community in society
  • 10 Make them self-reliant through various training of youth
  • 11 Provide initial treatment at low cost
  • 12 Ensure 100% sanitation in every ward
  • 13 Improve the standard of living of the people by providing products of life
  • 14 In order to raise awareness of safe blood transfusion
  • 15 Conduct awareness campaign against all women, including eve-teasing, child marriage, dowry, etc.
  • 15 Dealing with natural disasters and helping the victims.

Committee Extension